About Us

We specialize in automotive listing photography for specialty cars, such as classics, exotics, and auction ads for Bring a Trailer, Cars & Bids, etc. Whether you have cars, trucks, SUV’s, or even RV’s, Pics 4 Cars will deliver superb images of your vehicles for your advertising and listing needs.

Providing between 150-350 professional images of the exterior, interior, engine, undercarriage,  aerial drone shots, plus all applicable functions, close-ups of special features, and faults. Click here for a sample gallery (pics taken by Pics 4 Cars)

In this competitive market it is important to stand out; the more attractive your pictures the more customers click on your ad. This service is offered to you, our client, to drive more potential buyers your way so you don’t have to settle for low offers. No matter if you’re a private party trying to get the most for your vehicle or a dealer trying to crush your competition or simply need to drive more traffic your way, our crisp quality shots will definitely put a more value in your inventory.

Everything is done on-location. We come to you and perform the photo shoot at your lot, showroom or any venue of your choice. Our knowledgeable team understands what consumers are looking for and are well trained in essential functions that each vehicle offers. The finished images will be given to you in digital format so you can start using them right away.

Pics 4 Cars was created by Tariq Koh, one of the most reputable photographers in San Diego, and it’s part of and licensed through Kohphoto. Click here to see Kohphoto’s bio (http://www.kohphoto.com/about-us.html)


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Working with Tariq was a pleasure. KOHPhoto and Pics4Cars are among the utmost professional services on my list. I highly recommend Tareq for any photography job.